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Salon Spotlight: Dixie Tan Spa

About Dixie Tan Spa: Dixie Tan Spa opened January 2017 in Birmingham, AL and was founded by Stephanie Kibler. Stephanie is from Texas, and a served 8 years in the military. She has a husband of 12 years, and 2 children.  Before starting Dixie Tan Spa she earned a B.S. in Marketing Management, a M.A. in […]

Salon Spotlight: Hush Tanning

  Hush Heated Airbrush Tan was established in 2013 by Andrea Liaga. Hush is located in Carlsbad, California and is a airbrush only salon. Andrea has been airbrush tan certified since 2009, and exclusively using Evolv for the past 6 years. At Hush you’re guaranteed a customized tan by Andrea herself each time, as she wears […]

Salon Spotlight: Bronzmopolitan

We caught up with one of our Evolver’s, Bethany the owner and opperator of the Bronzmopolitan Spray Tan Bar in Scottsdale, AZ. Describe what you do in less than 150 characters. Go. I run THE most fun Spray Tan Salon in Arizona!  I meet fantastic people and provide them with a pleasant salon experience and […]

Salon Spotlight: Skin Palette

What We Do: We perform magic We charm the pants off of insecurities, waving a warm wand of custom mixed potion and, like magic, a confident client appears (and yes, that warm wand is the world’s only heated airbrush gun, TY Evolv)! Skin Palette is a SPF promoting, Skin Cancer fighting, UV-free team that has […]

Learn how I made over $100,000.00 in one year from inside a Men’s bathroom.

Now that I have your attention…it’s not what you think. As a previous tanning salon owner, I was always looking for ways to generate more revenue for my business. In 2003 I was the first salon and only tanning salon in town to bring in The Mystic Tan Spray Booth. I’m sure you’ve all seen […]

The 5 Most Common Airbrush Tan Freak Outs ( & how to deal with them! )

As professionals who’ve been in the airbrush industry for years, we’re familiar with the most common first-time client “freak outs” and how to resolve them. First-time clients usually experience these concerns on their way home from their appointment, a few hours after they get home, or the next day. Whether you’re an airbrush technician wondering how to […]

Top 10 Reasons Why People Get an Airbrush Tan

Have you ever seen someone with a perfect, even, glowing tan and wondered how he or she got it? Chances are it wasn’t from the sun. It’s often an airbrush tan. People get an airbrush tan for so many different reasons these days. After talking to Evolvers across the U.S. and internationally, we thought it’d […]

RECAP: IECSC Las Vegas Spa Show 2016

Hi Evolv Fam, It’s Susie here! A few weeks ago I attended International Esthetics Cosmetics and Spa Conferences’ Las Vegas Spa Show with the Evolv team and SO much happened there! So… I’m here to share some highlights with you! It’s been said that getting ready is half the fun of going out, and completely […]

Airbrush Tan Room Checklist

Today, we’re bringing back nationally acclaimed airbrush artist and owner of Skin Palette salon, Susie Celek, to walk us through her Airbrush Tan Room Checklist and the simple steps she takes when airbrushing a client. So, without further a do, here’s Susie to take it away.   Hi Evolvers, Susie here! Whether you have a […]

Simple & Delicious Summer BBQ Recipes

If there’s one thing we love about summer it’s showing off our Evolv Heated Airbrush Tan! One place we show them off… Summer BBQs! BBQs are synonymous with summer. We love getting together with our friends and family, and a BBQ is a perfect way to spend time together and enjoy the weather. If you’re […]

Spray Tan Tips: How to Maintain Your Airbrush Tan

Hi Babes! We already covered how to PREP for your airbrush tan… Now let’s get into how to maintain it, shall we? When well-maintained, a quality airbrush tan will last 7-10 days. Here are some insider tips to help maintain your gorgeous, golden glow for as long as possible: Wait at least 8-12 hours after your appointment before showering. […]

How to Prepare for Prom!

Hi Babes! We recently met Keatin, a high school junior in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and after chatting with her we KNEW we had to do a prom collab with her & her older sister, Reed, who’s a professional hair stylist and lifestyle blogger. If you’re following us on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter, you already know Keatin […]


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