Building a Customer Base, Where Do I Start?

You’re finally building your own business! You’ve acquired the best mobile spray tan machine on the market and now you’re ready to make some bank. The idea of building a customer base can be a bit overwhelming in the beginning.

The first step is starting with the people you know, your friends and family. Provide them a quality service and share your knowledge with them. Reward their loyalty, you can offer them a discount after repeat service, or offer expanded hours, or a priority booking during your busy times. One of the most important parts of running a business is customer care. Providing a quality service and using quality equipment are the start. (And you know you’re using the best airbrush tanning machine, so you’re off to a great start)

The next step is treating your clients like people not a business. Treating them like guests and taking care of them will keep them coming back. Another great way to build customer loyalty is to ask for feedback. This can also help improve your technique and skill set.

When you get positive feedback, ask your clients to share their reviews on Facebook, or tag you in pictures on Instagram. Online reviews can go a long way to help build your credibility with new customers. Don’t be afraid to ask for opinions, and of course always maintain excellent customer service.

You’ll also want to keep in touch with your clients. An easy way to do this is to post on your Facebook business page daily, respond to all questions and comments positively. Offer a free email blast. This is a great way to offer last minute deals and let your clients know about new products and trends. Especially if you add additional services or are hosting a pop up shop. Include an invite to your customers to every event your business will be represented at.

Remember to keep your website up to date with current information and pricing. As you build connections in the community seek out other small business owners and give them access to your network as well. Don’t be afraid to offer cross promotions to their client base in exchange for something that benefits your clientele. A big part of building a name for yourself is just learning to talk to people and sell your services. It might feel awkward at first but it’s just another skill to learn, no reason to feel intimidated.

Everyone who’s built an incredible business has started at the beginning. Don’t be intimidated by being at the start. We’ve all been there. Just continue to look for opportunities to grow, refine your skill set, expand your client list and grow grow grow! We believe in you! And we are here to help every step of the way! Do you have a tip to help other entrepreneurs in the Evolv community build their client base? Make sure and keep us posted on Insta or comment here with your tricks and tips, because we all get better together. We love to see all our boss babes succeeding.