1) Equip Yourself

The first step to starting a business with Evolv is making sure you have everything you need to provide flawless, professional airbrush tans.

Made to Last Machinery – choose from The Sidekick, the original heat-infused tanning system with storage components and all terrain wheels, or The Sidekick Mini, a compact version of The Sidekick available in seven adorable colors!

Brawny Backdrops – choose from the super simple Pop-Up Tanning Tent, the sleek Contour Backdrop featuring top-lit lighting plus extraction fans & filters, or the state-of-the-art Curve Backdrop featuring full length interior lighting, an elevated platform plus a built-in hose for easy clean-up.

Customizable Solution – Three base color levels, pre & post solution to extend the life of the tan, four bronzer additives with different color hues, accelerator additives to expedite development time, and three outstanding aromas.

Retail Products – Consider offering retail products to your customers! The Evolv body scrub, daily moisturizer, mouse, sunless spray and lip balm are all formulated with high end ingredients that will make your skin glow!

2) Establish Procedures for Success

The second step is ensuring certain procedures are in place so your business can run smoothly. Ask yourself the following questions:

How will I book appointments? – Will clients book with you directly by calling/emailing, or will you use an online scheduling tool?

What is my payment policy? – Will clients pay before or after the service is complete? What forms of payment will you accept? Will you accept refunds in any situation?

How will I keep track of my finances? – We recommend using an online accounting tool to keep all your finances organized.

What licenses/permits/insurance do I need?– Consider what is applicable for your specific business.

3) Get Your Business Out There


The final step to starting a business is attracting customers! The following are some tried-and-true tactics for raising brand awareness:

Think of a catchy name – avoid long, overly complicated names, short and sweet is almost always best!

Define your aesthetic – what colors, fonts, imagery and overall feelings do you want your business to portray?

Create a website and other online listings – having both a website and other listings, like Yelp or Google, is critical so clients are able to find your business online! There are several website building tools available to make this task easy.

Social Media – create social media pages for your business that show clients who you are and what you do!

New client special offers – Consider a discount or some sort of promotion for clients’ first service to help get them in the door!

Email and text blasts – Consider finding a program to implement text and email blasts to maintain a relationship with existing clients.