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Essential Equipment You’ll Need to Start a Spray Tanning Business

When starting a spray tanning business, it’s important you supply yourself with the necessary tools. Learn what equipment you can’t go without. People desire glowing, healthy-looking skin year-round. That’s why tanning spas are so popular. A spray tan instantly gives your skin a sun-kissed appearance. Owning your own spray tanning business is a lot of work but […]

What is D.H.A?

What is D.H.A.? In short, D.H.A is the stuff that gives us a sunless tan (and causes the infamous tan lotion smell, thank you scent drops!). Dihydroxyacetone, D.H.A. for short, is a carbohydrate extract derived from Sugar Beets, Rape Seed or Sugar Cane. It’s one of the most widely used ingredients in topical tanning products. […]

How to Achieve a High Quality Spray Tan For Your Clients

You might’ve heard about or been a victim of a spray tanning session gone wrong. As a spray tanning salon owner, you always want to provide the best high-quality spray tan. Yes, spray tanning is its own science. Yet, it all comes down to the right spray tanning process. Do you have your own spray tan preparation regime? […]

A Guide to Starting the Best Spray Tan Business

Did you know that women are starting 1,821 businesses every day? Experts say this number is still on the rise. Are you considering starting your own business? If so, are you passionate about spray tanning? You may think it’s difficult to open a successful spray tanning salon. Yet, that’s far from the truth. Don’t know where to […]