Essential Equipment You’ll Need to Start a Spray Tanning Business

When starting a spray tanning business, it’s important you supply yourself with the necessary tools. Learn what equipment you can’t go without.

People desire glowing, healthy-looking skin year-round. That’s why tanning spas are so popular. A spray tan instantly gives your skin a sun-kissed appearance.

Owning your own spray tanning business is a lot of work but it can be extremely rewarding. You’ll find clients who adore your services.

Your new business will require an investment in equipment. Here’s what you need.

Spray Tanning Machine

The complexity of your spray tanning machine should be correlated to the complexity of your business. You’re not bound to open your store in any particular way.

If you want to start a quick business with a small amount of capital, a mobile tanning salon is your best option. You’re in complete control and you don’t have to spend money on a location. You may already own a vehicle.

You can also decide to open a traditional storefront.

Mobile Salon

If you’re opening a mobile tanning salon, you need to think about portability. A machine that’s clunky and hard to move around will be a hindrance in your work.

In addition to finding a machine that’s the right size, you also need to find one that’s easy to use. You’re only paid when you give someone a spray tan. You want the process to be efficient and simple.


If you have a storefront, you can focus on a larger backdrop in addition to your machine. You can herd all of your customers to the same area. You may have tanning beds as well.

Your spray tanning machine is your most important investment, so you need to get it right. You shouldn’t simply search for the cheapest option, although cost obviously matters.

Choosing a Machine

There are a ton of different factors that you can consider before you buy your machine. These include:

  • Audio volume
  • Cost
  • Size
  • Ease of Use

A spray tanning machine can be very loud. Yet, you want the customer experience to be as pleasant as possible. You can shop around until you find a quieter machine.

Business Supplies

In addition to your spray tanning machine, you’ll also need to purchase typical business supplies. The burden will be heavier if you’re operating a storefront.

For example, you need business cards. Competition will be stiff in almost any area. You need to help your customers find you.

You also need typical stationary supplies. It will look more professional if they’re branded with your business name.

You don’t need to buy a lot.

There are a few supplies associated with spray tanning itself that you should buy. A few examples include:

  • Gloves
  • An extraction fan
  • Shower caps
  • Disposable clothing
  • Nose plugs
  • Baby wipes
  • And more

The tanning process should be clean and easy. Your customers don’t want to feel gunky after they leave you.

Spray Tanning Business Ideas

A spray tanning business can be started on a budget if you’re savvy. You just have to learn how to market yourself.

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