How to Achieve a High Quality Spray Tan For Your Clients

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You might’ve heard about or been a victim of a spray tanning session gone wrong. As a spray tanning salon owner, you always want to provide the best high-quality spray tan. Yes, spray tanning is its own science.

Yet, it all comes down to the right spray tanning process. Do you have your own spray tan preparation regime? Maybe you are getting started.

Either way, you shouldn’t worry about it. We’ve got you covered. We’ll tell you how to create a great system to provide a high-end airbrush tan experience for your clients!

Read on to learn how to provide a flawless spray tan for your customers today.

How to Prepare for a Spray Tan?

Preparing for a spray tan isn’t rocket science. But, it can be tricky if you don’t know how to prevent spray tanning mishaps. It all comes down to having your own step by step process.

Think you can’t tailor your spray tanning experience? Here are some tips to keep your clients coming back.

1. Create Your Own Client On-boarding Process

This may seem simple. But, your client on-boarding process should be more than scheduling your client’s appointment. You must learn as much as you can about them to tailor their experience.

Why are they getting an airbrush tanning session? Are they going to do intense activities such as sports after their session? Do they suffer allergies?

These questions can guide you in developing your spray tan on-boarding process. If they’re getting tan for a big event, suggest they do a spray tan test.

You should create your own checklist for your client file. So you won’t have to ask them again and, your client will know you care about their business. Also, you should go over their tan preparation to make the most out of their experience.

2. Use the Right Equipment

Choosing the right equipment is essential to providing a flawless tanning experience. Our Evolv. Sidekick models and our Mini Sidekicks provide heat-activated airbrush tanning for a smooth and even application.

Also, you should use the tanning backdrop that fits your business. If you’re running a mobile spray tan business, you should consider a pop-up tent that’s easy to set up and portable.

3. Tailor Your Spray Tanning Experience

Every client has their needs. Customize their experience by using the right shades for their skin color and desired tan. Evolv. is the only spray tanning equipment provider that allows you to fully customize your customer experience.

You can use our solutions as is or mix and match using our additives to adjust tone to provide the perfect shade for your client’s unique skin color. Also, our solutions are paraben free, gluten free, non-comedogenic and cruelty-free.

It’s recommended that you discuss with your client their spray tan maintenance. That’s the best way to prevent any freak-outs from your clients and help them enjoy their tanning experience even more.

Will Having Your Own Spray Tan Process Make a Difference?

Yes, having your own spray tan process will make a difference for your business and clientele. The best way to separate yourself from your competitors is by providing a high-end flawless spray tan service. Your spray tanning process is the first step.

You must develop a spray tan system that fits your clientele. Keep in mind that you should tailor your process. You should consider client experience factors such as requested services, client’s reason for getting a tan, schedule, among others.

Did you or your client freak out after having a tan? Think the airbrush tan was ruined? Check out our blog to learn how to handle common tan freak-outs.