Planning Your Tan For a Special Occasion: 6 Common Spray Tanning Questions

In many cultures, including the United States, people associate tan skin with health and status. Spray tanning is a convenient approach to achieve beautiful color in minutes!

Whether you want to get a spray tan for a special occasion or just to look a little less pale in winter, you should know what you’re getting into before you get started.

To make sure you get the most bang for your buck, keep reading to learn the answers to six common spray tanning questions.

1. Spray Tanning Questions: What Ingredients Are in the Spray Tan?

Before you head off to get a spray tan for a wedding or any other high-profile event, make sure you understand what ingredients are in the solution… Especially if you suffer from skin sensitivities or allergies.

Many formulas are very safe. In fact, you can find spray tans that are vegan, cruelty-free, non-comedogenic, wheat free, and paraben free. Evolv’s solutions fit the bill for all of the above!

2. Can I Do It Myself Or Should I Find A Specialist?

Evolv’s Sunless Spray is one of the best self applied tanning sprays on the market but for optimal results and especially for special occasions like weddings you should get sprayed by a certified spray tan technician. A spray tan specialist is able to give you a tailored tan based on your unique skin tone… which is harder to do with a self applied spray!

If you’re getting a spray tan before a vacation where you’ll be showing lots of skin, you want to make sure you get a nice, even tan all over. To find an Evolv Specialist near you, click here. If you’re just doing a touch up at home and there’s no big event coming up for you, then go ahead use a self applied spray.

3. Will it Look Natural?

All of us are well aware of spray tan mishaps that leave you looking more like an oompah loompah and less like a bronze babe!

At Evolv, we are known for our customizable solutions that leave you confident with a natural looking glow! Evolv airbrush specialists are able to unleash their inner artist using our additives to give you a fully customized tan for your unique skin tone- leaving you looking like you just got back from a tropical getaway!

4. How Long Will It Last?

As your skin naturally removes its dead skin cells, your spray tan will begin disappearing. Since only the top layer of skin cells receive color, those cells are already dead.

You can expect your tan to last between five and seven days. At Evolv, we are known for our natural looking color & amazing fade quality!

5. How Can I Prepare for a Spray Tan?

The night before your spray tan, exfoliate and loofah to scrub away all your dead skin cells. Moisturizers should be applied the night before your spray tan. The day of the session, it is recommended to refrain from applying any moisturizers, oils, perfume, & deodorant.

Make sure to wear loose-fitting clothing to your appointment.

You can apply a cream to your hands and feet and/or wear booties to protect your hands and feet as they darken more quickly than the rest of your body. A shower cap will help protect your hair. Don’t worry, your airbrush specialist should be equipped with all of these supplies!

And err on the side of caution if it’s your first time. Make sure you opt for a subtle-natural looking glow. You can mention this to your airbrush specialist before your session.

6. What Are the Spray Tan Shower Rules?

It takes between 8 and 24 hours for your spray tan to achieve its full color. For an airbrush tan, wait 10-12 hours before showering. Have a last-minute event that you need a quick tan for? Evolv has you covered with our 2-Hour and 4-Hour Accelerator Additives! Achieve a glow in a fraction of the time!

After your spray tan, make sure to avoid situations where you’re likely to sweat. Moisture and water will lessen the length of your tan. You should also use a good moisturizer after showering to keep your tan looking great.

Buy Your Equipment With Us

We hope we’ve answered some of your spray tanning questions. The next step is to purchase the right equipment to ensure your clients walk away with the perfect tan each time.

We can help. Click here to start shopping with us! Evolv is the leader in high quality spray tanning equipment!