Top 10 Reasons Why People Get an Airbrush Tan

Have you ever seen someone with a perfect, even, glowing tan and wondered how he or she got it? Chances are it wasn’t from the sun.

It’s often an airbrush tan.

People get an airbrush tan for so many different reasons these days. After talking to Evolvers across the U.S. and internationally, we thought it’d be fun ( and helpful! ) to share with you the top 10 reasons why people get an airbrush tan.

Ready? Let’s dive in!

1 ) Because They’re Going on Vacation – You know what’s great? Being tan BEFORE you hit the beach. Because let’s be real… Trying to tan AT the beach often ends with a reddish hue… No thanks! We recommend getting an airbrush tan 1 or 2 days before your trip. To help keep your golden hue throughout your vacation pack a Daily Glo Moisturizer and Sunless Spray. The Daily Glo Moisturizer helps moisturize your skin, which prolongs your airbrush tan, and you can use the Sunless Spray for touch-ups or to build a new tan on a long trip.

2 ) Because It’s Fully Customized – Do you want your legs to be darker when you’re rocking that new dress this weekend? We can do that with an airbrush tan! Or maybe you want a lighter tan on your face than on your body… We can do that too! One of the biggest advantages of getting an airbrush tan is that it’s FULLY CUSTOMIZED. Unlike an automatic spray tan booth that just sprays you up and down, the Evolv heated airbrush tanning system offers a fully customized tan every time. On that note… SALON OWNERS: Even if your salon offers a spray tan booth, adding airbrush tanning services will help you build you a whole new clientele for your business . Why? Because it appeals to a completely different market, which in return results in more happy customers and revenue for your business. Stay tuned for a special blog post on “Spray Tan Booth versus Custom Air Brush Spray Tan? Why It’s Okay To Have Both.” coming soon!

3 ) Because It’s UV-Free – More and more people are limiting the amount of time they spend in the sun and are choosing to airbrush tan instead. Airbrush tanning is 100% UV-FREE. The active ingredients in an airbrush tan are Dihydroxyacetone (DHA) and Erythrulose–they work with the amino acids in your skin to produce a flawless, natural looking tan that lasts up to 7-10 days and fades evenly. It’s safe, quick, effective and did we mention, VERY ADDICTING! In the best way possible! ; )

4 ) Because They Want Instant Results – You know what takes a lot of time? Trying to build a tan by laying out in sun. When your life is busy you may not have the time to layout and work on our tan. The short time it takes to get an airbrush tan is another reason why it’s so great. You literally walk into the salon and walk out with your perfect tan, fully customized to your needs. Pretty cool, right? We think so!

5 ) Because It Evens Out Their Tan Lines – We’ve seen them on the beach, in pictures, at parties, on strangers walking by us on the street, and at our local gym–we see them everywhere! But they’re so easy to get rid of with an airbrush tan. Everyday people like golfers, construction workers, roofers, landscapers, sandal and sock wearers come in for an airbrush tan to even out their tan lines. If you’re looking to even out your tan lines you’re in luck. Evolv Certified Airbrush Technicians are trained to even out even the most intense tanlines—with the perfect color and a little blending you’ll walk out with a perfectly even, glowing tan!


Heated Airbrush Tanning Tips for Brides_Dedra and Andy_Laura Ivanova Photography_wedding_ladies_closeup[ Photo Credit: Laura Ivanova Photography; Wedding Couple: Dedra & Andy Wiggy ]

6 ) Because They Have a Special Occasion to Attend – So many of our clients come in for an airbrush tan because they have something special to celebrate and they want to look and feel their best. We have the happiest clients in the world! Whether it’s a bride-to-be and her bridesmaids, a group of high school students getting ready for prom or graduation, someone celebrating his or her birthday, sorority sisters getting ready for Pref, or someone who wants to feel extra special for a night out on the town, they all have one thing in common: they want to look and feel their best as they celebrate and experience these memorable moments.

7 ) Because They’re Going on a First Date – First dates can be scary and nerve-racking to say the least. But you know what helps ease the nerves? Feeling your best. A lot of clients come in for an Evolv heated airbrush tan before a first date. Here are some tanning tips for when you’re doing that. Do get a light spray to develop a natural looking, effortless tan. Don’t get sprayed the same day as your date, as the tan needs time to set in and fully develop. Do get sprayed 1 or 2 days prior to your date to ensure the best tan possible.

8 ) Because They Have a Competition Coming Up – Fitness competitors are a considerable part of our clientele because having the darkest most flawless tan possible is a necessity for them when they’re on stage. The reason their competition tan needs to be exceptionally dark is because the stage lights wash out their skin color. A fitness competitor’s tan is SO important judges will actually take points off if their tan isn’t quite the right color or if it isn’t applied properly. The tan is the “icing on the cake” for many competitors. They’ve carefully crafted their diets and workouts to achieve their desired look and their airbrush tan helps to reveal their accomplishments and hard work. The purpose of their airbrush tan is to highlight and show off their amazing muscle definition and to even out their skin tone. Other clients that come in for airbrush tan before competition include dancers, cheerleaders ice skaters and many others.

Heated Airbrush Tanning Tips for Brides_Dedra and Andy_Laura Ivanova Photography_engagement_boat_2[ Photo Credit: Laura Ivanova Photography; Wedding Couple: Dedra & Andy Wiggy ]

9 ) Because They’re Doing a Photoshoot – Pictures last forever so it’s reasonable to want to look your very best in them. When you get an Evolv heated airbrush tan it’s customized to YOU so you look and feel your best when you’re in front of the camera. Whether you’re modeling in a professional photoshoot, posing for family photos, or capturing the love between you and your significant other in your engagement photoshoot, an Evolv certified airbrush technician can help you achieve the perfect look so your photographer can capture the perfect photos.

10 ) Because They Have Skin That Just Won’t Tan Without an Airbrush – “My skin won’t tan!” or “I turn red when I lay out in the sun.” are common statements among many of our clients. If you’ve never been able to get a golden tan or you’re worried an automatic spray tan booth may make your pale skin orange, an Evolv airbrush tan could be your perfect solution! Stop by your nearest Evolv certified luxury salon to try it for yourself today.

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Evolv Team