How to Prepare for Prom!

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We recently met Keatin, a high school junior in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and after chatting with her we KNEW we had to do a prom collab with her & her older sister, Reed, who’s a professional hair stylist and lifestyle blogger.

If you’re following us on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter, you already know Keatin is a huge fan of Evolv Heated Airbrush Tans. In an effort to help ease the stress of prom prep, we teamed up with Keatin and Reed to share some quick pointers as you head into your prom season.

Keatin experienced her first prom night this past Saturday and she tells us it was AMAZING!

Here’s Keatin & Reed to take it away with their best tips on preparing for an awesome prom…

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( Keatin & her friends at prom this past weekend )

R: For most girls prom only happens twice in a lifetime. That means only two chances to make it perfect!

A Few Weeks Before Prom

R: There’s a lot to do in the weeks before prom… Find a dress, book an Evolv Heated Airbrush Tan, book a hair appointment, make dinner reservations, etc.

So keep the stress at bay by finding your dress, booking your appointments and making your dinner reservation as soon as you’re able to.

Two Days Before Prom

K: As you guys know, I LOVE a sunkissed glow! Two days before prom I went to the Glow Lounge for an Evolv Heated Airbrush Tan. It’s leaves my skin beautiful and bronze. (See Evolv’s tips below on how to prepare for an airbrush tan before prom!)

The Day of Prom

K: The morning of prom, I started the day with my favorite Starbucks drink ( Passion Fruit Ice Tea ) and then headed off to my hair and makeup appointments ( already rocking my Evolv glow! ; ) )

R: When you go to your hair and makeup appointments, bring a picture of the “look” you’re going for to help the appointments run smoothly.

Wear a button down or zip up top so you don’t mess anything up ( like your updo or curls! ) while changing into your prom dress.

K: After my hair appointment, I headed home to put on my dress and do some final touches before taking pictures with my date and friends.

R: If you’re wearing lip gloss, or lipstick, put in your wristlet or clutch so you can touch up throughout the night if needed.

There’s a lot of pressure to make this day perfect, but there doesn’t need to be. Once all the prep is out of the way, it’s all about having fun!

After dinner, it’s DANCE time. Let loose, take way too many pictures, & stay up late. Prom night is a night you’ll remember forever.

Keatin & Reed

Thanks, Keatin & Reed!

Read more about Keatin’s prom on Reed’s blog here.

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( Keatin & her prom date )

A few things to remember as you prepare for your Evolv Heated Airbrush Tan appointment before prom:

  1. If you have the time and availability, we recommend getting an initial airbrush two to three weeks before prom to make sure you are comfortable with the color and results. Then, 2 days before prom, go back in for your grand finale spray!
  1. Before each airbrush be sure to moisturize, and exfoliate for a few days leading up to the actual appointment. The goal is to remove dead skin cells and arrive at your appointment with fresh, clean skin!
  1. Make sure you shave the day before your appointment!
  1. The day of your appointment, be sure to avoid using any moisturizers, oils, perfumes, or deodorants as they will act as a barrier and not allow your tan to develop. It’s also best to arrive at your appointment without any makeup on your face as this too will act as a barrier and not allow your tan to fully (or evenly) develop.
  1. All you high school athletes! Avoid excessive sweating after your appointment and it’s also best to avoid moisture wicking clothing like sports bras that can cause your tan to fade or rub off.
  1. Finally, a warm water rinse is all we recommend for your first shower—no soaps or luffas! Pat dry with the towel and moisturize, moisturize, moisturize.

Your Evolv Tan glow will be your best accessory, so show it off!

We’d love to see how your prom day look came together. Tag us in your prom photos ( @evolvtan ) & use #evolvtan on Instagram and Twitter—you could see your photo featured!

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