What Makes Evolv Different?

Today, we’re having a special guest on the blog, nationally acclaimed airbrush artist and owner of Skin Palette salon, Susie Celek, to talk with us about the Evolv difference. 

Here’s Susie, to take it away…

Hi Evolv Fam,

By the looks of fashion week and Instagram, limpet shell and peach echo are two of the season’s hottest colors on the runway—and they’re picture perfect with a spray tan.

But not just any spray tan, an Evolv Heated Airbrush Tan. There’s a difference…

A few BIG differences actually.

If I had to sum up my thoughts on the Evolv Sidekick in one sentence it would be this:

If a regular spray tan boosts your confidence, then an Evolv Heated Airbrush Tan gives you an alter ego.

Let me touch on a few reasons why this flawless glow formula is my ultimate fav!

My Experience with Evolv

For the past several years I’ve worked in a variety of roles from a business owner, to a sports show host, and now a starring role in an upcoming movie. Most of my work requires me to be in tip-top shape, have a healthy lifestyle, classy style, and flawless looking skin! Evolv and a blowout are my secret weapons in everything I do, from presenting PowerPoint presentations to posing in photoshoots.

Evolv’s color is natural and fades out better than any other formula I’ve tested, and I test them all. I spray one side of the body with Evolv, and the other with the solution I’m testing.  I take notes and pictures, and track the fadeout… Evolv has won every time for the past 6 years, and counting.

Susie Celek on the Evolv Tan difference_Avalon beach, photoshoot

( On set at a photoshoot at Avalon Beach. )

Why My Clients Prefer Evolv

I started using Evolv because I was looking for a system that didn’t leave my clients sticky, wet, and cold. Warm skin absorbs solution deeper and dries more quickly, which is part of Evolv’s mojo with their heat infused lineup of products.

My clients no longer think “pain is beauty”.

LOL, but seriously, what used to be a shiver session is now comfortable. Some of my clients have even described the experience as being relaxing.

Many of our bronzed beauties reviewed us after they experienced Evolv. I loved reading Google and Yelp reviews in which people described the warm airbrush application, and praised both our customer service and the gorgeous glow we helped them achieve.

Susie Celek on the Evolv Tan difference_Opening up for Comcast Sports net at the Borgata in Atlantic City NJ. Luxe gold everywhere, and people can't stop complimenting my skin #goldengirl

( Opening up for Comcast Sports net at the Borgata in Atlantic City NJ. Luxe gold everywhere, and people can’t stop complimenting my skin. )

Thanks to Evolv, I Always Feel My Best

Whether it’s complimenting snorkel blue on the red carpet or the serenity hues of a bridal gown, Evolv’s color will give your skin the glow it needs to make you look and feel radiant. I’ve been fortunate to have Evolv as the base of my business and have benefited as a consumer as well. Thanks to Evolv, I always feel my very best for the important occasions in my life. I use the best on myself, and accordingly always make sure my clients get the red carpet treatment as well.

As Spring trends are around the corner, get ready to be sporting runway colors with your warm golden glow from Evolv Tan.


( Susie giving an Evolv Heated Airbrush Tan demo at the Smart Tan Nashville Expo, 2015 )


Thanks, Susie! 

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