Spray Tan Tips: How to Maintain Your Airbrush Tan

Hi Babes!

We already covered how to PREP for your airbrush tan… Now let’s get into how to maintain it, shall we?

When well-maintained, a quality airbrush tan will last 7-10 days. Here are some insider tips to help maintain your gorgeous, golden glow for as long as possible:

  1. Wait at least 8-12 hours after your appointment before showering. This will allow your tan to fully develop. For optimum results, wait 24 hours.
  2. While your tan develops ( 8-12 hours after your appointment, or 24 hours for optimum results ), refrain from using any lotions or oils as this could cause streaking.
  3. Don’t exercise or participate in activities that make you to sweat until AFTER you’ve taken your first shower. ( We bet you’re due for a rest day, anyways! )
  4. When you take your first shower after your airbrush appointment, avoid shaving and refrain from soaps and sponges, if possible. We recommend a lukewarm water rinse only. Pat dry with the towel, don’t rub.
  5. Side note… If you see color washing off in the shower, don’t worry. It’s only the cosmetic bronzers in the tanning solution—not your tan!
  6. After your first shower, it’s OK to shave and wash up with soaps but it’s best to avoid bar soaps, BHA and AHA products. Face toners and products with high alcohol content can also lighten your tan, so steer clear.
  7. After your first shower, be sure to moisturize daily with a water based moisturizer.
  8. Make sure you are drinking plenty of water! Staying  hydrated helps keep your skin hydrated which will allow you to paint the perfect canvas! Being dehydrated or applying a tan to dehydrated skin will cause an uneven spray tan.

A few other things to keep in mind:

  • Hot tubs, swimming pools, and long baths can shorten the life of your tan.
  • Use of body scrubs, loofahs, and mitts can also shorten the life of your tan ( because they’ll exfoliate it off. )
  • Moisturizers and soaps containing alcohol and mineral oil will strip your tan and cause it to fade quickly. Use a high-quality moisturizer that doesn’t contain these ingredients and is designed to prolong your tan, like Evolv’s Daily Glo Moisturizer ( coming soon! )
  • Also! This one is especially important… An airbrush tan is not a sunscreen and will not provide protection from the sun. It’s important to apply sunscreen over your airbrush tan to protect your body from the sun. Stay golden, don’t burn!

Evolv offers a range of retail products to help you prepare, maintain, & touch up your tan… They also help to extend it ( WIN! ) Our NEW & improved products are coming out soon, so check them out below:


Evolv Team