2 HR Developer Additive

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Evolv’s 2HR developer additive works by enhancing the reaction between the DHA and your skin cells. By using Evolv’s 2HR developer additive, you can reduce the time it takes for DHA to fully develop from 8-12 hours to just 2 hours. This means that you can get a flawless tan in a fraction of the time, and enjoy your day without worrying about smudging, staining, or fading. You can also shower, moisturize, and apply makeup sooner than usual, without affecting your tan.

Use 1 ml dropper of Accelerator to every 50ml of solution within 15 minutes of each application. Shake cartridge gently 4 to 6 times before use.

2HR Developer is perfect for that customer that is in a hurry or does not have the patience to wait the usual 8 hours for their post-session rinse.



Accelerated development


Shower off after as little as 2 hours without compromising Evolv results

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