FB Marketing 101

So you’re building an AirBrush Tanning business and you need to advertise. Today we’re going to break it down and talk a little bit about Facebook ads. If you haven’t yet, set up a business page on Facebook, you should. Not only is it free, but it’s an easy way to set yourself apart as a legitimate business. You can collect reviews, set your hours, and post your prices. 

Let’s start at the beginning. Why should you use Facebook ads and where do you start? The easiest way to start is with promoted posts. This is really inexpensive and ensures that more of your followers will see a specific post you’ve chosen. I know what you’re thinking. Shouldn’t my followers ALREADY see my post? Why would I pay for that?  

Well beautiful, that would be a wonderful world. But unfortunately your followers are likely only seeing an average of 6% of your posts. So by paying for a sponsored post you can raise that level for less than $20. Now keep in mind that you need to be intentional. Don’t boost any ol’ “have a great weekend!” post. Choose the post you’re sponsoring to be one that directly affects your profits. Something like a  “last minute luxury” post where you’re offering a flash sale on airbrush tans booked by the weekend. Be intentional. Be a Boss.  

Classic Facebook ads are another way to utilize this platform. Classic ads  are often referred to as Marketplace Ads. Although it’s hard to find a clear pricing structure for these ads, there is no minimum budget. Which is why they are so appealing to many small business owners.  

Classic Ad’s allow you to target a specific demographic by gender, age, location, and interests. It allows you to set your own ad budget, and it allows split testing. Basically it means you can run 2 ads at the same time, with different words and images. Split testing allows you to see which ad is more effective to your target audience. It also has built in software that will explain to you how effective the ads are. Which helps you to measure your return on investment. Classic ads typically allow for a headline, an image and a click through. Meaning you can automatically route interested customers to your business website, or business Facebook page.  

Another route for Facebook advertising is in hosting Sponsored Stories.  Which is yet another type of “word of mouth” advertising that exists inside the Facebook world. Sponsored stories show up in your feed saying things like “your friend Blah-blah just claimed this offer!” or “your friend Blah-blah just like this page!” You can tap into the social network of your customers by alerting them when they take actions such as liking your page. Allowing you to get in front of more potential customers. Sponsored stories are for the savvy investor because they are the only “ad” that is visible in the Facebook mobile version. Definitely worth considering.  

How ever you choose to put your business out there you should think about your long term plan. What do you want to be known for? How can you impact lives? What will set you apart, and what part of your business will bring you the most money? Make sure the content you are creating (for Facebook or otherwise) keeps all those values in mind.  

Entering the world of digital marketing can be intimidating. Evolv is here to help. Keep coming back to the blog, and sign up for our email list where we are constantly producing content to help you build a better business. Cheers Boss babes, and spray on.