What You Should Wear Before and After an Airbrush Tan

Is it your first time getting an airbrush tan?

Are you worried about what you should wear in preparation for your custom airbrush tan?

If yes, then we will advise you to stay here a bit longer, because we’ve got some accurate clothing and shoe suggestions that will be most suitable for before and after an airbrush tan.

Let’s get started!

Wear Something Old and Comfortable 

According to an online survey, women were asked about their experience of getting an airbrush tan for the first time. They told that the most common reason they wore their best outfits to the appointment was their sheer excitement! Unfortunately, they returned with that outfit covered with bronzer.

So, the golden rule when picking out an outfit to wear to your airbrush appointment; avoid tight clothing as much as possible.

What to Wear During the Tan?

Well, this depends on you to some extent, as getting undressed in front of a stranger is something most of you will be reluctant to do, but it would be beneficial for you only to wear the least amount of clothing as possible. Often times, disposable undergarments will be available to you upon arriving to your airbrush appointment.

Moreover, wear sticky feet pads, so you can prevent the tan from staining the bottom of your feet!

In addition to this, also remember to wear a hair net. Be sure to stick your ears out, so your ears get the tan to match the rest of your body.

What to Wear After the Tan?

After you get an airbrush tan you will be advised by your airbrush technician to wait at least 6-8 hours before rinsing off. The good news; Evolv offers a Rapid 2- or 4-Hour Accelerator to speed up your development time! This is great if you’re in a rush, or you don’t necessarily love the feeling of tanning solution on your skin for too long.

In either case, try to avoid wearing tight clothes! Evolv solution is water soluble, but wearing tight clothing increases the chance of tanning solution discoloring your clothing and can also cause your tan to develop unevenly.

To avoid such a situation, stick to wearing dark, loose clothing. Yoga pants or shorts paired with a large t-shirt will do the trick!

Plus, loose clothes will make you feel comfortable when you are hanging out waiting for your gorgeous Evolv airbrush tan to develop.

How can we forget about suitable shoes to wear after the tan? 

We know you love to show off your shoe collection, but after the tanning session, avoid wearing socks, sneakers, or any shoes that are going to cover the tops of your feet. Flip-flops are going to be your best bet!


If you are still in doubt, always consult with your airbrush professional for further guidance. And of course, don’t forget to schedule your next appointment!