Preventing and Fixing Spray Tanning Mess-ups

Spray tanning has numerous advantages with providing you with an instant glow, but just in case you experience a spray tanning emergency, we’ve got you covered. Keep reading for expert tips on how to guarantee a beautiful spray tanning result!

Avoid Spray Tan Mishaps 

Exfoliate, and start moisturizing, especially the night before you go spray tanning! Your skin needs to be clean, fresh, and smooth to create a perfect canvas for your spray tan. Dead and/or rough skin could cause patches and blotchiness on your skin. No thanks! Do not moisturize right before you go spray tanning, as this will create a barrier between your skin, and the spray tan.

Do not shower right before and after your spray tan. When you take a bath or shower your pores open up. Your tan gets trapped in your pores, making you look darker and unnatural.

Get comfy! Wear dark, loose-fitting clothing and avoid any jewelry or accessories so that your tan doesn’t stain them.

Get all your other treatments, like waxing, facial, and laser, etc. at least 24-48 hours before your spray tan session. These treatments can compromise the appearance of your tan if done immediately after your spray tan.

Fix the Damage

Do not panic if your tan appears darker than you expected. Give your tan a day or two to settle in. DHA reaches its peak color at the 24-hour mark. From there, the tan will begin to slowly fade. Keep this in mind when you are planning when to spray tan for a special occasion!

There are a few simple and effective remedies that help remove tan streaks. Exfoliating methods are a great place to start; use an exfoliant scrub or exfoliant glove with soap. We recommend using the Evolv Body Scrub to exfoliate; it’s infused with Glycolic Acid to effectively remove residual spray tan on the skin.

Baby oil also removes dead skin. Use baby oil to remove any streaks, patches or blotches on your skin. You can use this method to lighten up your tan a little as well. After you apply baby oil, exfoliate to loosen up the tan more effectively.

Right before your spray tan, be sure to apply Barrier Cream to the tops, & bottoms of hands, along with the tops, sides, & heals of the feet. These areas tend to develop darker than the rest of the body. Barrier Cream controls the development of the DHA to ensure your hands & feet remain an even color with the rest of your body.

Final Thoughts

Spray tanning is a breeze but preparing is just as important as the spray tan session itself!

For professional strength products to prepare & maintain your spray tan, check out our Evolv retail line.