Automated vs. Airbrush. What’s better?

The sun is here, and you are all ready to hit the beach! But your pale skin does not pair well with your new bikini. (Hey, first world problems are still problems!) So, what’s a girl to do? You want a perfect tan and there are more options than ever to get your bronze on. Where do you begin? Don’t worry, we’re here to help!

If you’re wanting an instant tan, and why wouldn’t you? The most popular choices are automated spray tanning booths. Or, for a more custom, detailed experience, you may opt for a hand-held airbrush tan instead. With an automated tan you step into a booth and a machine sprays you down from head to toe. With an airbrush tan, your tan is customized and applied by an industry professional.

People enjoy automated tans because they are fast. But the truth is good things take time. You might be in and out in a few minutes with a typical automated tan, but it might not be tailored to your specific needs.

Since the booth spray is fast and automated you have limited options to change positions. Basically, some areas of your skin will receive additional layers of spray and others will receive less. Additionally, an automated booth will not be able to accentuate specific areas of your body like a custom airbrush tan will.

At Evolv we offer something different. A unique tan formulated for your skin tone. Because when it comes to skin tone there is no “one size fits all.” Your tan will be applied by a professional, someone who is trained with an eye for detail and wants to provide you with an exceptional experience. Not to mention it’s comfortable, our spray tan is heated. So instead of your skin feeling like it’s going through a car wash, you get to enjoy some pampering that feels like a luxe spa treatment.

Another benefit of customized color is that there is no need for layers on layers of spray. Your airbrush session is one and done and will last for 7-10 days, depending on skin type & at-home maintenance. Possibly the most important feature of airbrush tanning is that you won’t be trapped in a booth with no fresh air while you receive your tan. Our equipment allows your airbrush specialist to apply the product on one area of your body at a time with full control throughout the entire session, so you can breathe easy, relax, & enjoy your luxe tan.

As for your time investment, it really doesn’t take that much longer than your automated spray tan session. Trust us, once you’ve experienced a heated airbrush tan, you won’t ever want to climb into a spray tan booth ever again.

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