Say Goodbye to the Arctic Spray Tan Experience

Are your customers tired of being blasted with an ice-cold tanning solution every time they come in for a spray tan? If you’re like most tanning businesses out there, the answer is a big YES! While everyone wants a nice, golden glow, no one wants to endure a freezing tanning spray session. Goosebumps? Chills? No thanks!

At Evolv, we want the spray tanning process to be enjoyable from beginning to end. We firmly believe that achieving a golden glow shouldn’t be painfully cold. With Evolv products, users will also receive a warm, comfortable tan that will last longer that any other spray tan on the market.

Evolv is proud to be the first, and only heated airbrush equipment provider in the world! Not only does the gun warm up the tanning solution, but the solution has a proprietary formulation that is engineered to deliver a warm mist. Between these two factors, we have eliminated the #1 complaint when it comes to airbrush tanning – The arctic, uncomfortable goosebumps that tanners receive with other airbrush machines!

Not only do our products deliver a comfortable experience, but the spray tan will last longer as well! When the skin is relaxed, it creates a smooth canvas which will allow our heat activated, aloe-based solution to penetrate the skin at a deeper level.

Due to this, customers will receive a longer-lasting tan with a more natural fade quality.

Evolv products have high-end ingredients that also eliminate the streaky, blotchy skin that other airbrush machines deliver. Say goodbye to those orange, uneven spots forever!

No other product on the market delivers an enjoyable, warm tan like Evolv. Once your customer has a comfortable airbrush tan experience, they’ll never want to go back to the old, freezing ways again! Customer retention? Yes, please! With an Evolv spray tan, we can guarantee that you’ll not only retain your customers, but they’ll brag about this unique experience and send more business your way!