Bronzed Beauty or Sun Kissed Babe? How to Choose Between Spray Tan Shades

Having trouble choosing between spray tan shades? You’re not alone! Read on to learn how to pick the right shade for you!

Anyone who has ever prepared for a spray tan has nightmares of an Oompa Loompa tan, like that infamous nuclear orange tan in Bride Wars.

But if you get past the classic spray tan fears, you realize that a spray tan can go right–as long as you prepare properly and choose the right shade.

Keep reading for a guide to spray tan shades and how to choose the right one, along with a few extra tips to help your tan work for you.

Consider Your Skin Tone (and the Tone You Want)

Before you do anything else, consider your skin tone.

It doesn’t matter whether you want to have the gorgeous glow of your favorite celebrity–your skin tone will directly determine what spray tan shades are available to you and how natural they’ll look.

Remember, the key is to look naturally tanned, not orange. To do that, you’re going to want to go only a few shades darker than your natural skin tone.

If you’re as pale as Dita Von Teese and are more likely to burn than tan in the sun, stick with the lightest shades in order to look natural.

The same thing applies to darker skin–go only a shade or two darker than you already are.

During and After Your Tan

Now, let’s talk about during and after your tan.

One of the most common freak outs people have is that their spray tan is too dark, especially right after the tan.

Take a deep breath. Relax. The tan you have immediately after your appointment isn’t the tan that will stick. It’s a bit darker than the tan you’ll wind up with.

What you’re seeing is the cosmetic bronzer added to the spray tan solution, which helps the technician see where they’ve already sprayed and also provides instant bronze gratification. It also helps eliminate any unwanted golden undertones.

Your tan will lighten a bit after your first shower (about eight to ten hours after your appointment). If you see the tan going down the drain, don’t worry–that’s just the bronzer washing off, leaving your actual spray tan behind.

A Few Extra Tips

Those tips should cover the tanning basics. Here are a few extras to live by.

Your skin gets lighter in the winter due to the lack of sun, so you should adjust your tanning accordingly. Your winter spray tan should be a shade or two lighter than the tan you use in the summertime.

Always err on the side of caution, and always listen to your spray tan specialist’s advice, even if you think the color is a bit too light. They know what they’re doing.

If all else fails, you can correct the color a bit with home bronzers.

Need More Guidance on Spray Tan Shades?

If you need more guidance on spray tan shades, look no further.

Check out our blog for more helpful tips, like this post on questions to ask before your spray tan. And if you need to schedule a tan, check out our available tanning services.