Evolv. Spray Gun Repair / Maintenance & Upgrade


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We are proud to offer repair and upgrade services for your Evolv Spray Gun Applicator!

Purchase the service and have your equipment shipped to us for repair/maintenance.

Unfortunately, all spray guns in the spray tanning industry come with issues overtime specifically overusing a lightweight spray tan machine for heavy volume that effect’s reliability constantly, unlike Evolv’s build-to-last Applicator Spray gun it doesn’t happen often, but it will happen eventually, depending on how well it’s being self-maintenance, but the good news is that we have professional Evolv Repair Technicians that know the Spray Gun inside out. Stop the frustration and have the proper service done through us the first time.

Common Spray Gun issues include:

    • Leaking Tanning Solution.
    • Worn internal seals.
    • Clogging Issues.
    • No atomization.
    • and even accidently dropping the spray gun.

Our Repair Service strives to eliminate the common problems to deliver a worry-free spray gun applicator.

This Repair / Maintenance / Upgrade / Restoration Service Includes:

    • All Seals Replacements
    • Trigger Mechanism Re-calibration & Upgrade
    • Needle & Base Replacement
    • All Housing and Components
    • Fresh Sealant for Air Leaks
    • Heat Port Component Replaced
    • Springs and Screws Replaced
    • Fluid Coupler and Fluid Nozzle 
    • Complete Internal Deep Clean

During this repair, we disassemble the spray gun in its entirety and clean every component. We do not just add the bare minimum parts for operation. Our in-house testing station also ensures proper operation with a true plug-in spray tan test. For a fraction of what a new spray gun costs, we can update all the common issues, giving you peace of mind.

ATTENTION: This repair does not cover the Main Nozzle Body or Heater Cartridge. During inspection if the spray gun’s main Nozzle Body or Heater Cartridge is damaged (cracked, broken, not functional), we will contact you before starting the repair. If these parts are damaged or not functional, it will need a complete replacement in order to have the spray gun properly operational. Additional charges for these parts will be added after repair once approved by customer.

Instructions on shipping your equipment to EVOLV:

Please take your equipment to your most convenient shipping carrier (FedEx, USPS, UPS, Ect.) and have your equipment shipped to the following address below.

  • Evolv Tan
    Attn: Repair Tech
    1784 La Costa Meadows Drive
    Suite 101
    San Marcos, CA 92083

Please make sure to leave a note with your information inside package to reference your purchased order number.

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 10 × 7 in


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