Evolv Patented Airbrush Gun

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Designed and built specifically for airbrush tanning, the Evolv airbrush gun is always in your control for the perfect application every time. Featuring trigger controlled volume adjustment, you can deliver both wide spread diffusion for a perfect all over tan and pinpoint accuracy for body contouring using the easy to access adjustable spray nozzle. Evolv’s patented two-stage process warms and prepares the skin for ultimate comfort and maximum absorption ensuring a completely dry application every time. A gently warmed spray nozzle infuses heat directly into our formulas literally creating a heat-infused application every time. Encased inside the Sidekick’s spray gun is a cutting edge, easy to maintain cartridge formulation system that is easy to fill, mess free, and leak free.

Weight 1.45 lbs
Dimensions 13 × 11 × 8 in