Self Magazine – DIY Flawless Faux Tanning

When nothing will do but a just-back-from-Cabo tan, go with unadulterated self-tanner, which contains a full dose of color-enhancing DHA. For the best results, you know the drill: First, shave your legs and exfoliate skin with a non-oil-based scrub; then rub tanner on using circular motions and wash palms immediately. If the idea of orangey streaks gives you stress dreams (we don’t blame you!), have a pro customize the right shade of bronze for you.

SELF likes Evolv Sidekick, custom color that comes in scents like coconut, lime and tea tree oil. And you’ll be happy to hear that your tan-in-a-bottle could actually help protect your skin. Archives of Dermatology reports that self-proclaimed sun worshippers who were asked to apply self-tanner regularly showed a 33 percent decrease in purposeful outdoor tanning after only two months.