Salon Spotlight: Skin Palette

What We Do:

We perform magic
We charm the pants off of insecurities, waving a warm wand of custom mixed potion and, like magic, a confident client appears (and yes, that warm wand is the world’s only heated airbrush gun, TY Evolv)! Skin Palette is a SPF promoting, Skin Cancer fighting, UV-free team that has been unleashing alter egos with our golden glows for 7 beautiful years.

Our Inspiration:
Strong Confident Women
There’s something to be said for a little hocus pocus, but at Skin Palette we take stock in our craft: because of our glow, clients walk taller, smile longer, and feel beautiful from head to toe. We know it’s game time for our clients and we take their first dates, photo shoots, and weddings personally. From our hand trained airbrush technique, to our tips & tricks specialized on hands and feet, the results prove that it’s not just a spray tan to us – it’s doing for others what we do for ourselves, that’s the magic of our success.

Our business plan is 44 pages long and 9 of those are Milestones. Awards from Allure and InStyle Magazine, strategic partnerships, and celebrity clientele are certainly points of pride, but our mojo comes from the understanding that the milestones roll in one session at a time. Reviews, posts and tagged photos are milestones in my book, since the chance of being part of someone else’s milestone (or as Facebook puts it, “Life Event”) are pretty high. I expect people like Kendra Wilkinson, Miesha Tate, and Donnie Walburg to like our work, but it’s the selfies from the quiet strawberry blonde smiling at the mirror in a red prom dress, rockin her gorgeous glow, that we love the most.

“Omgosh Kristina thank you so much for my spray tan. First time I’ve ever felt pretty in my life. My date did a double take!! See ya for homecoming xoxo -Emily ”

Yeahhh it’s like that, and it’s pretty SWEET!
There’s no price for the compliment coming from a novice NFL cheerleader making it through 3 rounds of intense tryouts, thanking you for the killer spray tans and the inspirational words she recalled during finals, right before she took the stage. I’m obviously proud that we’ve won national awards and year after year continue to add those kind of accolades, but the win is how Skin Palette artists care about our clients.

I admit that I am super selective in the hiring process even though you can teach just about anyone the basics of spray tanning. But we’re a boutique brand with national recognition because we’re the ones that show the underdogs how to drown out the mean girls: with inner beauty, intelligence, a genuine smile (and obviously, fake lashes and a slammin spraytan never hurt anybody). That’s what I call #SPF, i.e., the #SkinPaletteFactor

The Future:
Health, Fitness, and Beauty are my 3 greatest passions and I am grateful to have become a sunless expert in the beauty business over the last 7 years. Having the opportunity to teach people the art of airbrush tanning, and giving them a turn key solution to operate and market a successful spray tan business has truly been one of my life’s honors. Skin Palette has become a seamless operation, allowing me to spend more time in my other passions, with companies like NutraBio and CycleBar. Just like Evolv, these companies lead their respective industries with innovation, technology, and a passion for inspiring people to achieve their best self.

The Future is Bright for Sunless:
Spray tanning used to be the red-headed step child of the beauty industry, but thanks to technology and solution advancements from Evolv, and the hard work of entrepreneurs like Skin Palette with our bibbity- bobity-boo, that red headed step child went Cinderella on the beauty industry, becoming a $2 billion golden child! Sunless products haven’t just created a new category and massive growth in beauty sales, it’s formed an entire industry. I’m incredibly proud of how far and how fast spray tanning has come, and it wouldn’t be this way if it was still orange, cold, smelly and streaky. Problem solvers and solution providers like Evolv are why the industry is projected to experience consistent growth through 2019. My advice to anyone entering the beauty business is simply this: start with a good reputation, if you want to be known as the one with the magic touch, you would be wise to begin with Evolv.
Skin Palette Commercial

Susie Celek

Skin Palette Founder