Let My People Glow: Evolv. Heated Sunless Airbrushing

I took a quick jaunt to Philly for a seder at my grandmother’s on Wednesday night, hitching a ride with my dad who’d had a meeting in Brooklyn that afternoon. It was greaaaaaaaaaat. So in the spirit of Passover, let’s discuss how we can let my people glow. And in this case, my people are my fellow copy-paper white brethren.

Evolv is a sunless tanning system that boasts HEATED airbrushing. I know it’s a first world problem compared to, say, escaping Egyptian slavery from a crazypants dictator (some things never change), but cold self-tanning solution sprayed onto your bod during the winter months kind of sucks.

Evolv has a solution and delivers a customizable, vitamin enriched formula you can even scent with your choice of three fragrances–tea tree oil, coconut lime and Burberry. I just tested it on out and I am much impressed, friends. My hue is a believable medium cocoa brown, like I returned from a quick sojourn to Bermuda instead of the exotic shores of Pennsylvania. The whole process takes about 20-30 minutes and lasts about a week. Best of all, you can shower within only four to five hours of your application, versus 10 hours with some of the brand’s competitors.

Lastly, there’s a fabulous at-home three-part regimen to maintain your glow. It includes:

EVOLV Daily Glo Moisturizer ($28) is DHA-enhanced and includes tea tree oil for a cooling sensation. Use daily to prolong your tan.

EVOLV Body Scrub ($24) will smooth and silken your entire bod, prepping it for your breezy bronze glow.

EVOLV Sunless Spray ($39) is a non-aerosol (but sprays just like one) package that spritzes a 360-degree stream of DHA-activated tanning goodness. Just hold six to eight inches from your bod and spray your way to a hotter version of yourself. I recommend spraying it in your shower to avoid a mess in your bathroom.