Bronze Color Base Addititve

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Bronze is a color additive that helps achieve a perfect and powerful tan. Bronze color bronzer is specially designed to match with Evolv’s Heat Activated tanning solution, which is a high-quality and natural looking spray tan that gives a smooth and even results. By adding bronze color bronzer to Evolv’s spray tanning solution, you can create a deeper, darker, and more intense bronze tone that flatters your skin tone and boosts your confidence. Bronze color bronzer is easy to mix, quick to apply, and long-lasting. With Bronze color bronzer and Evolv, you can always look like a boss.

Add this bronzer for deeper, darker and more intense bronze tone. Best used on red based skin tones.

Add a single 1mL dropper of bronzer to every 50mL of solution. Shake cartridge gently 4 to 6 times before use.



Cancels out unwanted golden undertones


Customizable cosmetic color for any occasion. Ability to mix & match bronzers for a natural, rich color

Weight .150 lbs
Dimensions 1.25 × 1.25 × 4 in