Evolv Tanning

Evolv. Sales Agreement

This payment authorization is for good, services, and the amount indicated in this Sales Agreement. I certify that I am an authorized used of this credit card, and that I will not dispute the payment with my credit card company; so long as the transaction corresponds to the terms indicated in this form. Authorization will remain in effect until cancellation is made by either party.

Standard Warranty
Machine parts shall be fully guaranteed by Evolv Brands, Inc. for 1 (ONE) year from the date of purchase
against all electrical or mechanical parts, defects, and/or failure or malfunction from normal usage unless the
purchaser breaches the agreements herein. All costs for parts & service shall be fully guaranteed for 1 (ONE)
year. Warranty does not cover water damage, lost or stolen equipment, or damage resulting from
circumstances outside of normal usage. If a failed unit cannot be repaired over the phone with an Evolv
technician, Evolv will send replacement components or units as deemed necessary for repair. Evolv may also,
at its discretion, send a certified technician to purchaser’s location to fix the equipment.

Purchaser agrees to use the machine in strict compliance with all instructions from the manufacturer and per
the Evolv Equipment Manual. Purchaser also agrees to have all users sign client waiver documents, available
for purchase through Evolv before each use, unless the waiver is already signed and on file.

Purchaser agrees to buy all chemicals needed for use and maintenance of the machine through Evolv Brands,
Inc. The use of any other chemicals may void the warranty and bar the Purchaser from any use of the Evolv
name in Purchaser’s advertising or otherwise. It is understood and acknowledged by the Purchaser that the
Evolv equipment, when used with Evolv Solutions, encompasses the Evolv Brand. Evolv solutions have been
specifically formulated for use in the Evolv equipment to ensure high quality and to protect the integrity and
reputation of Evolv Brands, Inc and the Evolv name and trademarks.

WARNING: The use of any solution other than an Evolv approved solution can negatively affect the
performance of the Evolv Equipment. Evolv Brands, Inc is expressly not responsible for liability of any kind
arising out of the use of any solution other than the approved Evolv solutions. Warranty is invalidated if
damaged equipment is due to lack of maintenance or the use of tanning solution that damages or impairs the
effectiveness of the Evolv Equipment.

SHIPPING: Customer is responsible for all shipping costs related to warranty and non-warranty items
occurring 90 days after the purchase date.

Extended warranties are available. Please obtain further details from your Evolv Sales Rep. No refunds on all Evolv Brands Equipment. All machine and backdrop sales are final. 

Replacement Equipment: In the event of equipment breakdown, all shipping to and from the Evolv Brands, Inc manufacturing facility will be covered by Evolv Brands, Inc for the 90-day period after purchase date within the United States.


Shipping and tax will be calculated and finalized during checkout.


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Signed by Faraje Kharsa
Signed On: January 27, 2023

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