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Sidekick Mini

It’s still a Sidekick.   Half the size with the same powerful heat-activated airbrush tanning application features that forever transformed the airbrush tanning industry. Perfectly sized for the mobile technician, yet powerful enough for high volume salons, MINI will provide vitamin enriched, vibrantly flawless results for every client, every time, no matter what skin type […]

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Experience an evolution in airbrush tanning with the first-ever, heat infused airbrush tanning system. Differentiate your business with the Evolv Sidekick offering your clients a comfortable, relaxing, and fully customizable airbrush experience. Evolv’s patented two-stage process warms and prepares the skin for ultimate comfort and maximum absorption ensuring a completely dry application every time. A […]

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Evolv Patented Airbrush Gun

Designed and built specifically for airbrush tanning, the Evolv airbrush gun is always in your control for the perfect application every time. Featuring trigger controlled volume adjustment, you can deliver both wide spread diffusion for a perfect all over tan and pinpoint accuracy for body contouring using the easy to access adjustable spray nozzle. Evolv’s […]

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Extra Refillable Cartridges

Encased inside the Sidekick’s spray gun is a cutting edge, easy to maintain reusable cartridge formula system. With an easy to fill, mess free, and leak free reservoir, loading solution has never been easier. Change out cartridges with a single click! Customize every tan by using Evolv’s reusable cartridges to combine solution and additives creating […]



The industry’s best extraction system featuring a high-flow air purification column. The Curve makes overspray a thing of the past with a specially engineered, high velocity, and quiet filtration system. The Curve’s airflow design keeps overspray contained and moving away from the technician without disturbing the spray pattern. Put your clients on a pedestal as […]

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In-salon airbrush tanning has evolved again with the wide-open and easy application design of the Contour. Featuring a high-flow air purification column with three extraction fans and filters, the Contour eliminates overspray and gives your technicians and clients a place to breath easy during a tanning session. Three exhaust fans (CFM) are placed top to […]

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Contour Light

The Contour Lite is a semi-portable spray backdrop designed for salon use or to be packed up for easy transport to tanning appointments or events. The unit packs into a 32″ x 36″ robust nylon carrying bag for a total weight of 35lbs. It offers a rigid folding floor, backdrop curtain made of rip-stop nylon […]

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Evolv Backpack

Custom built for Evolv products, the Evolv Sidekick backpack features custom interior pockets to hold additional bottles of solution, additives, and tanning supplies! It’s high quality fabric and zipper and sleek design make it the perfect addition to your Evolv display and the optimum carrying case for off-site appointments.


Client Consent Forms

New client waiver forms. 5 1/2″ x 9″ forms sold in packs of 100.


Client Session Cards

Evolv Client Session Cards are the perfect way to keep track of each new client’s personalized Evolv recipe! Each card contains the client’s contact information, desired color, solution formulation – including bronzers used, fragrances used, Sidekick air speed, heat level, contouring notes, and retail products purchased. 4″ x 6″ cards sold in packs of 100.


Pre & Post Care Cards

Evolv Pre & Post Care Cards should be handed out at each airbrush tanning session to educate your clients on how to maintain their tan and prepare for their next session. Back side of card lists instructions for before-tan care and after-tan care. 3 1/4″ x 1 3/4″ cards sold in packs of 100.