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Starter Kit

The Evolv starter kit includes: 1 Level 1 Solution 1 Level 2 Solution 1 Level 3 Solution 1 Pre-Sunless Color Balancer 1 Post-Sunless Color Lock 1 4 HR Accelerator Additive 1 2 HR Accelerator Additive 3 Aroma Additives (Tea Tree, Desert Bloom, Coconut Lime) 1 Rose Bronze Color Additive 1 Bronze Color Additive 1 Violet […]


Pre-Sunless, Color-Balancer- Conditioning Airbrush Solution

The first step in creating a natural, flawless glow. Color Balancer is a pre-conditioning, pH balancing treatment that goes on whisper light. It is heat activated and enriched with aloe and green tea. This pre-tan treatment preps the skin allowing for a flawless and superior tanning experience. About 15ml is sprayed on the client prior […]


Post-Sunless, Color-Lock- Moisturizing Airbrush Solution

Ensure longer lasting and more radiant results with the impressive Color-Lock Moisturizer. A post conditioning, heat activated, and DHA enriched treatment that helps lock in the color of the Custom Airbrush Tan and leaves the skin with a beaming and moisturized radiance. About 15ml is sprayed on the client following the tanning solution application to […]


Extra Refillable Cartridges

Encased inside the Sidekick’s spray gun is a cutting edge, easy to maintain reusable cartridge formula system. With an easy to fill, mess free, and leak free reservoir, loading solution has never been easier. Change out cartridges with a single click! Customize every tan by using Evolv’s reusable cartridges to combine solution and additives creating […]


Evolv Backpack

Custom built for Evolv products, the Evolv Sidekick backpack features custom interior pockets to hold additional bottles of solution, additives, and tanning supplies! It’s high quality fabric and zipper and sleek design make it the perfect addition to your Evolv display and the optimum carrying case for off-site appointments.


Client Consent Forms

New client waiver forms. 5 1/2″ x 9″ forms sold in packs of 100.


Client Session Cards

Evolv Client Session Cards are the perfect way to keep track of each new client’s personalized Evolv recipe! Each card contains the client’s contact information, desired color, solution formulation – including bronzers used, fragrances used, Sidekick air speed, heat level, contouring notes, and retail products purchased. 4″ x 6″ cards sold in packs of 100.


Pre & Post Care Cards

Evolv Pre & Post Care Cards should be handed out at each airbrush tanning session to educate your clients on how to maintain their tan and prepare for their next session. Back side of card lists instructions for before-tan care and after-tan care. 3 1/4″ x 1 3/4″ cards sold in packs of 100.