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Evolv Tan

Innovative. Reliable. Liberating. The only heated airbrush tanning system in the world. Evolv is a heated airbrush tanning system for the professional airbrush technician. The Evolv platform is comprised of the highest quality equipment including the highest rated backdrop systems with built-in extraction systems, flawless and fully customizable solution, take home products to extend, touch-up, and maintain your glow, and certification training that continues to educate and evolve your business. Known for delivering the most comfortable, consistent, and luxurious airbrush tanning experience on the market, Evolv serves high-end hair salons, day spas, tanning salons, and professional mobile airbrush technicians. Don’t settle; differentiate your business and choose to Evolv. Have a customer service question? Email us at evolvlistens@evolvtan.com.
Evolv Tan
Evolv TanWednesday, February 22nd, 2017 at 5:34am
Our Evolv Salon Spotlight ✨this month is the Skin Palette. Checkout our latest blog and read all about Skin Palettes inspiration, milestones and future from the founder herself Susie Celek. 👩
Evolv Tan
Evolv TanMonday, February 20th, 2017 at 6:08am
It's a Sushi/ Bagel kinda day. 🍣@projectpokeco
Evolv Tan
Evolv TanSunday, February 19th, 2017 at 4:10am
Don't have time to go and get an Evolv Heated Air Brush Spray Tan?
DIY with a bottle of our Evolv Sunless Spray. 🍃
Evolv Tan
Evolv TanFriday, February 17th, 2017 at 5:57am
Big Congratulations to one of our Evolv Tan customers. @dixietanspa. They are celebrating 3 months in business. Woot Woot!! Checkout their IG page, Facebook and website. If you're in the Birmingham, Alabama area and need a warm Evolv Heated Airbrush Spray Tan...stop by and see Stephanie.❤️
Evolv Tan
Evolv TanWednesday, February 15th, 2017 at 4:23am
Happy Valentines Day Evolvers! ❤
Evolv Tan
Evolv TanTuesday, February 14th, 2017 at 5:20am
Happy Monday! ☀️Everything starts with a dream! 🌎



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in the press

Shape Magazine – The Hottest Thing Happening To Airbrushing (10/23/2015) - Must-Try Treatment Made-to-Order Tan The hottest thing to happen to airbrushing is coming to a spa near you. Bye-bye, icky smell and unnatural orange tint. Evolv. Sidekick ($50; evolvsunless.com) allows you to choose a scent (tea tree oil, coconut and lime or Burberry-inspired) and exactly how golden you’d like to go. But what really sets […]
Self Magazine – DIY Flawless Faux Tanning (10/23/2015) - When nothing will do but a just-back-from-Cabo tan, go with unadulterated self-tanner, which contains a full dose of color-enhancing DHA. For the best results, you know the drill: First, shave your legs and exfoliate skin with a non-oil-based scrub; then rub tanner on using circular motions and wash palms immediately. If the idea of orangey […]
Allure Magazine – A Better Spray Tan (10/23/2015) - At the Salon: Evolv. has tackled the problem of the chilly temperature and long development time of traditional spray tans. A special gun blows out warm air as well as three formulas that prime, tan and moisturize skin. Also packed into each spritz: odor removers and an accelerator option that makes the tan develop in […]
My Spray Tan Test Drive with Evolv. (10/23/2015) - There’s a whole slew of things grownups told me back in the day that I never expected would actually come true. You know, those “adults” tend to spin large webs of what we youngsters assume are lies — they just want to control us, right? For example, I never believed I would actually come to […]
Let My People Glow: Evolv. Heated Sunless Airbrushing (10/23/2015) - I took a quick jaunt to Philly for a seder at my grandmother’s on Wednesday night, hitching a ride with my dad who’d had a meeting in Brooklyn that afternoon. It was greaaaaaaaaaat. So in the spirit of Passover, let’s discuss how we can let my people glow. And in this case, my people are […]


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